Monday, November 16, 2009

Well in between the constant rain the water did drop a touch and the nymphs were replaced by the dry flies. For me anyway I love taking fish on the dries and after watching a fish rising steadily away whilst I conducted a spey casting lesson the temptation was too much to resist. So after the lesson finished I pulled the 4 wt out of the car and wandered back down to the river. The fish was still rising and after a couple of casts the fish made a hesitant attempt at the klinkhammer. A quick switch to a size 18 Gnat saw me miss the fish. However another change to a size 20 parachute saw a confident rise and the fish took the fly with confidence.

The river is up again today and with six inches of rain forecast I will have to bide my time before my next sortie.

Friday, November 6, 2009

River Wharfe fishable again!

Finally the river dropped back into some kind of shape. The river was still a tad high but running clear. So time for a spot of fishing to find the grayling again and thanks to river keeper Mark Whitehead we did! A lovely fish they were too! Bugs were the order of the day and the fish picked them off as they drifted past.
Great to be back on the river again, lets hope the weather holds and the levels stay fishable next week.

Despite the horrid weather this week father and son team Chris and Jamie had some great sport this week. The plan was to fish on a stillwater on monday to learn the basics before hitting the river later in the week. However the river was blown out and we returned to the stillwater on Thursday to move the guys a bit further on with their casting and catching techniques. The guys did well on Monday and they landed a couple of fish each, Thursday they both played a blinder the casting dropped into place and the loops were terrific. The fish thought so too and the guys caught fish all day on dries and small nymphs. Well done to both of them!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

River Wharfe blown out!

And here I was all fired up about to have a busy week guiding on the grayling on the Wharfe and the rain gods have decided to ruin my plans! Thankfully tomorrow starts with a session on a stillwater, but it doesn't look good for the rest of the week. Always amazes me that the trout and grayling can avoid being washed out to sea when the river gets like this. Any stocked trout will now be down the river at Ilkley by now as they struggle to hold station in torrents like this! But the wild fish will tuck themselves under the banks and wait for the levels to drop.